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Techelet Fringes

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The fringes that are tied to the prayer shawl are placed there to remind people of the covenant they have with God. The Bible alludes to the prayer shawl in Numbers 15:37-41 when the LORD commanded the Israelites to wear fringes ("tzitzit") on their garments. The fringes were to remind them of the covenant God had made with them. Each time they saw the fringes, they would remember His covanent with them. The TALLIT was actually created to hold the fringes. So the prayer shawl is really something one wears to carry these fringes!

This is special string is used by some people to make the fringes according to Jewish  tradition. Select string is dyed with a special blue dye.

The  "TECHELET" fringe material sold here is prepared in Israel, comes in the original blue color, and includes instructions about how to properly  tie and knot the  fringes and attach them to a prayer shawl  according to Hebrew tradition.